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The achievements of African tribal art fascinated many European artists and collectors in the 20th century. From André Breton to Picasso, all were seized with a buying fever that quickly spread in the middle. If these sculptures are more of an artistic dimension for Westerners, it is nevertheless through their ritual sacralisation that they reveal themselves for the African peoples. Their ceremonial role confers on them a unique power that distinguishes them from other forms of ethnic art. These works were acquired (sold or offered by natives) throughout the twentieth century by ethnologists on mission or colonial cooperatives to be exhibited in museums, or integrated into prestigious private collections. This is the story of these pieces that we propose to discover through our gallery and our website.

Oba of Benin
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African art > Bronze, leopard, messenger, warrior, statue, pirogues > Oba of Benin

Magnificent Oba King made of bronze from Benin . Benin art is described as a court art, for it is closely associated with the King, known under the name Oba. The history of court objects made of Ifé bronze comes from the XIVe century.The numerous heads and statues in Bronze produced by Benin craftmen were strictly destined for the personal use of the palace's inhabitants., and were , more often than not put on altars which were consacrated by the new Oba. Heads, statues , ivory tusks and bells and sticks used to surmount these altars, rectangulars in shape. They reminded of an Oba and were used to get in touch with his spirit.

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Tikar maternity
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African art > Maternity, statues, bronze, wood > Tikar maternity

Magnificent lost-wax casting object, representing  a Tikar maternity. Sit on a regal stool, she holds a child and is about to feed him. Of high lineage, she is adorned with jewels, earrings, necklaces and anklets. The coiffure is well elaborated and many ritual scarifications cover her body.  The highly toothed mouth is hypertrophied, eyes are stretched down. An unique finely worked object.

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