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Jarre Mambila (N° 16716)

Equipped with an anthropo-zoomorphic spout, the spherical container is studded with peg patterns, which echo those of the hairstyle of the male figure forming the collar. The patina is divided between yellow ochre and red ochre in a lower proportion. A second circular orifice appears on the back under the back of the creature whose head is in the image of the mask suaga representing an animal difficult to identify, although the dog has a role in the holiday rituals suaga .
Despite their small number, the thirty thousand Mambila (or Mambilla, Mambere, Nor, Torbi, Lagubi, Tagbo, Tongbo, Bang, Ble, Juli, Bea) (U.S. men" , in fulani), located in northwestern Cameroon, on both sides of the border of Cameroon and Nigeria, have created a large number of masks and statues easily identifiable by their heart-shaped faces. Although the Mambila believe in a creative god named Chang or Nama, they worship only their ancestors. Their leaders were buried in attics like wheat because they were supposed to symbolize prosperity. The Mambila are farmers and mainly grow coffee. Their masks and statues were not to be seen by women.

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OriginCollection Jauregui
Height cm44
Width24 cm
Weight3.60 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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