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Large Bozo puppet mask (N° 16374)

Bozo polychrome works in The African Art of Mali.
This ancient zoomorphic puppet mask honors, for the Bozo, faro the genius of water. This Bozo puppet mask, with articulated fins held by a rubber tongue, is made in matte polychromy. Residual taral inlays on a flank.
The Bozo, mostly fishermen and farmers, live in the northern part of the Bambara country in the niger's inner delta and remain semi-nomadic today, moving their homes as seasonal floods continue. Mande-speaking people, they speak sorogama.  Within their group, we can distinguish the Sorko or Sorogo, the Hain, and the Tie.In addition to their remarkable traditional masks, the Bozo and Bambara are renowned for their puppets of varied size and frequently articulated, exhibited during the puppet theatre Sogow bo which organizes itself at the initiative of young people of the villages, mainly in the region of Ségou, and which plays an educational role. The invention of these puppets is attributed to the geniuses of the bush who removed Toboji Centa, a bozo fisherman.  

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African art - Large Bozo puppet mask
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