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Bwa animal mask (N° 19796)

A variation of the zoomorphic masks of the Bwa and Gurunsi, this mask combines two animal figures. The owner of the mask and his family worshipped the object through offerings such as millet beer, while invoking its protection. The surface is engraved with symbolic geometric patterns. The dark patina was usually obtained from charcoal and gum tree pods. Matt patina. A settled population on both sides of the Black Volta in Burkina Faso and Mali, the Bwa are divided into three endogamous castes: blacksmiths, griots, and farmers. The Bwa believe in a god Difini creator of the world, who later abandoned it to his son Do. Do, whose emblem is an iron rhombus named alive , is believed to intervene during funerals and agrarian rites. Leaf masks are made by the villagers, only the Bwa of the south, the niegue , produce wooden masks often zoomorphic, and the famous board masks, abstract, representing the spirits of nature, the naw .(C.Roy)
(Source: "Animal masks of Black Africa" G. Massa and C. Dewé)  

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