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Autel Egungun Mask (N° 11394)

The Egungun Show in Yoruba African Art Small altar that is a miniature representation of the traditional costume whose name Egungun means " returning ", and which is part of the ancestor worship during an annual festival lasting between 7 and 21 days.

They are worn and spinning during danced ceremonies accompanied by tam-tams, their shimmering colors rivaling each other. Specifically, these costumes are designed to appease the dead, and only rich families can afford this type of holiday. Before their performance, the bearers of the costume come to bow before this altar, a receptacle capable of temporarily sheltering the souls of the deceased. An anthropomorphic support of wood hides under a petticoat covered with a top plate trimmed with large panels of fabric trimmed with leather stripes, contrasting colors, embroidered with gold and silver threads and adorned with various patterns. It is a small, headless character, embodying the spirit behind the Egungun costume, symbol of the separation of soul and material body. What seems to be an umbrella accompanies him, the rain being a blessing, and therefore ready to protect himself from a rain of benefits that will be granted by the gods to the whole community.  


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Material(s)wood, tissu
Height cm48
Width35 cm
Weight2.80 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1970

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