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Baoule Kplé kplé Goli mask (N° 21935)

This African mask, circular, called "junior", has hollowed-out eyes surmounted by protruding pupils and a geometric mouth in which teeth are carved, in reference to the traditional filing of teeth in young people. Arched horns top it off. The feminine kplekple mask, according to some authors (African Masks Barbier-Mueller, p.116) would be red. Vogel ("Baule") indicates on the other hand that in the Baoulé version of the Goli the male mask would be painted in red, and the female in black. It is likely that this allocation varies from village to village. Polychrome satin patina.

Generally preceding the manifestation of a series of masks of the "Goli" family, this circular mask with rounded horns evoking the antelope, is considered in some cases as a male mask, kplekple yassoua or yaswa, as opposed to the feminine kplekple bla. He appears briefly during the day and then in the evening to announce the arrival of his relatives in the guise of the goli glin or the kpwan. Its lustrous patina is black and beige. It was during events such as epidemics or funerals that its manifestation occurred among the Wan and the Baoulé, in order to win the favors of the "amwin" spirits, dispensers of prosperity, health or even security. It appears nowadays during festive events, the Goli gradually replacing all other masked dances, whether sacred or entertainment  

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