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Bété Mask / Dida (N° 13969)

The traditional sculptures of Côte d'Ivoire
This face mask with an ovoid face in which the hairstyle, divided into three curves highlighted by parallel rainuires, is a atteste of its Bété origin, but also of the southern Gouro. The ridge sharing the forehead evokes the scarifications in use, the eyelids are carefully sculpted and proportionally reduced ears are parted sideways. The philtrum runs towards large, superimposed circular trays, forming like a large gaping macho, accentuated by a bleached rib. The Bété are a people established on the left bank of the Sassandra River on the south-west side of the Ivory Coast. Close to the Kouya and Niabwa , the invoice of their masks, as well as their function, have great similarities.
Grain surface, matte, with kaolin residue.
These masks introduced by the Niabwa were carved in order to provoke psychological conditions conducive to rituals. Each of them had a secret name and materialized the powers of the forest. At the disposal of the chef, they were exhibited during funeral ceremonies or on the occasion of the great feasts of meetings between several villages.  

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