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Kete Kuba Nyita Mask, Ngita (N° 15051)

Songye, Kete and Kuba influences mingle on this African hem mask associated with funeral rites. The horns refer to the braids that the notables wore in some tribes of Zaire, including the Kuba. The projection mouth, the oblique parallel stripes, the metal applications, are part of the peculiarities of the Songye Kifwebe masks ("boismasks"). A graphic made up of contrasting geometric patterns, combined with a mnemonic coded system, adorns the surface of the mask. Localized abrasions and dessication cracks are apparent. Restorations on the horns. The Kete, established between the Luba and Songye, mingled with the Kuba and Tschokwe and derive their livelihood from hunting, net fishing, and agriculture. Their matrilineal society worships nature spirits named mungitchi. Believing in reincarnation, they also fear a supreme god called mboom. The rituals of their initiation societies are different from those of the Kuba. Some Kete villages once paid a tax to the king of Kuba. Some groups borrowed masks from their neighbours or identified certain traits that they combined with their own creations. The frictional oracles itoom are originally a Kete production.  

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Originex-collection suisse
Countryrdc ex zaire
Material(s)wood, copper
Weight2.35 Kg
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