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Fang mask (N° 23044)

Fang type mask, carved on the eve of ceremonies, and whose intervention was accompanied by words, gestures, dances and sacrifices. He also appeared during initiations, out of sight of the profane, and pointed out the culprits of bad deeds within the village. Velvety matte patina, discreet native restorations (wickerwork), erosions, cracks.
The Fang, established in a region extending from Yaoundé in Cameroon to Ogooué in Gabon, have never had political unity. Clan cohesion was maintained through religious and judicial associations such as the so and the ngil. The appearance of masks generally coated with kaolin (the white color evokes the power of the ancestors), in the middle of the night, could cause dread. The ngil male secret society, which no longer exists today, was in charge of initiations and fought against witchcraft. The ngil was a rite of purifying fire symbolized by the gorilla. Guarantor of peace, he also fixed the seasons, the location where the villages were to be established, and the conditions for the exploitation of agricultural land.

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OriginEx-collection française.
Height cm48
Width19 cm
Weight0.95 Kg
Estimated dating2ème halfxx°
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