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Kifwebe Luba Mask (N° 16893)

Atypical structure for this African mask that would probably be luba of the Kasai region. Large eyeballs are indeed unusual in bifwebe masks. The reduced crest here indicates that this African mask ("kikashi ") embodies a female spirit or ancestor, although it is still worn by men. Worn with a voluminous raffia collar that concealed the dancer, this mask was usually danced in the company of a zoomorphic mask. In the Luba, white is synonymous with the relationship with the spiritual world, and the initiates are coated with it during rituals. The set is engraved with parallel grooves. Light brown satin patina.
These rather rare masks of the Luba are frequently confused with those of Songye and their neighbours. The streaks would refer to the same symbolism, including that of zebras. This type of mask appeared at the funerals of leaders, dignitaries, or during induction, marking social events.  

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Originex-collection belge
Countryrdc ex zaire
Height cm30
Width15 cm
Weight0.40 Kg
Estimated dating2ème halfxx°
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