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Luluwa mask (N° 22155)

Displaying the curvilinear patterns associated with the traditional scarifications of the ethnic group and having large concave orbits, this mask is representative of the Lulua. According to Rik Ceyssens in "Congo Masks" (p.156. ed. MLFélix) and as evidenced by the sketches of HM Lemme who accompanied Frobenius during his travels in the Congo, this model of scarifications in loops was then widespread in different under -Luluwa groups in 1905. The Bakwa also sported this type of tribal scars. These masks are used during circumcision rites and at the funerals of notables. Satin patina.
Losses, abrasions.

Height on base: 46 cm.

It is in the south of the Democratic Republic of Congo that the Lulua, or Béna Lulua, from West Africa settled. . Their social structure, based on caste, is similar to that of the Luba. They produced few masks, but mostly statuettes of ancestors representing the ideal warrior, mulalenga wa nkashaama, as well as the head of the Leopard society and statuettes mbulenga related to the spirits of nature. Despite Kalamba Mukwenge's attempt at the end of the 19th century to eradicate traditional cults by resorting to burnings, the religious system persisted, such as the tshibola fertility cult.
(Black African tribal art. JB Bacquart; "Umbangu, Art from Congo at the Royal Museum of Belgian Cogo" ed. Cultura.)  

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Originex-collection belge
Countryrdc ex zaire
Height cm29
Width17 cm
Weight1.18 Kg
Socle includedYes

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