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Mbagani Mask (N° 17634)

Large kaolin-coated eye sockets offer globular, ajar eyelids. Tiny ears are attached to it. The lower part of the face crowned with a crenellated headdress ends in a curved tip, characteristic of the Mbagani , from the group Mpasu now extinct, and itself a subgroup of Lulua, or Béna Lulua, and which also includes the Salampasu. They form the Ding a group of 50,000 individuals established in R.D.C. near the Angolan border. They were marked by the influence of their neighbours Lunda and former occupiers Tchokwé . Organized into small independent chiefdoms, they mainly grow maize, with women embroidering textiles woven by men. Masks would be associated with healing rites. Dark patina, mate, scattered flaking. (Black African Tribal Art, J.B.BACQUART)  

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Originex-collection belge acquit en salle de vente en 1971
Countryrdc ex zaire
Height cm40
Width21 cm
Weight0.70 Kg
Socle inclusOptional

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