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Songye Kifwebe mask (N° 20792)

Incised with parallel triangular motifs, this Songye mask of the Kifwebe presents widely circled half-closed eyes, a classically protruding mouth, the nose extending at the top into a ridge flanked by a small tubular protrusion.
Dark brown satin patina. Height on base: 52 cm.
Three types of African mask Kifwebe are listed: the masculine (kilume) generally with a high crest, the feminine (kikashi) would present a more modest crest or even absent, and finally the largest embodying power (kia ndoshi).
Also practiced by the Luba, the cult kifwebe ("mask" in Songye) acted as a secret police force for power, so as to control individuals through magic. Worn with a long suit and a long beard made of natural fibers, Kifwebe masks additionally appeared during crucial stages of initiation ceremonies at the new moon.
The Songye came from the Shaba region of the DRC and settled along the Lualaba River in the middle of the savanna and forests. They are governed by the yakitengé and by local chiefs. The Bwami secret society, however, counterbalances their power.  

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