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African art - Bellows of forges, African art, tribal art:

In Central Africa, the forge bellows, often anthropomorphic, is not only a tool for the blacksmith, but also a ritual object that allows the craftsman to transform the earthy rock of the ore into a metal used in the manufacture of weapons and tools. Each bellows is carved with an anthropomorphic symbolism, source of life.

Figure of rider Bamoun
African art > Bellows of forges, African art, tribal art > Bamoun statue

This rider Bamoun mastering a pitched horse would represent King N'Doya in his victory over the Fulani in the 19th century. Armed with a sword carried in a sheath slung over his shoulder, he also has a sword. A dark brown leather dresses the shapes of the character and his mount, a lighter leather sheaths the hooves. The king is dressed in a canvas loincloth, the Hausa having introduced the clothing transformations in the Bamoun, he wears leather stirrups connected by a rigid wicker rod. The various decorative elements and materials form an exceptional work here. The Bamuns live in an area that is both full of wooded reliefs but also savannahs. This large territory called Grassland in southwestern Cameroon is also home to other close ethnic groups such as the Bamiléké and Tikar. ...

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