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Senoufo stool (N° 20099)

Among the African furniture items of daily use is an ancient senoufo seat from the Ivory Coast, with a very low, rectangular seat supported by four massive legs. This type of stool for individual use, often carved from shea wood, marked the social rank of its owner and was not lent under any circumstances.
Mainly farmers, the Senoufo group lives in a savannah region that covers southern Mali and Burkina Faso, and northern Côte d'Ivoire. It includes about fifty sub-ethnic groups. The Senufo speak a Voltaic language, Gur, like the Lobi and Koulango. Councils of elders, headed by an elected chief, administer Senufo villages. Governed by matrilineal traditions, they are composed of clusters of dwellings named katiolo. Each has its own Poro association that initiates young boys from the age of seven in a succession of three seven-year cycles. Living in a reserved neighborhood, the senufo sculptor, whose training spanned seven years, would begin by making everyday objects, then gradually sport sculptures of increasing size. Initiatory rituals completed his training. Beautiful golden patina, cracks and abrasions of use.  

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