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Tanzania Headquarters (N° 16588)

Attesting to the social origin of its owner, the African chair is a personal piece of furniture designed to enhance its prestige. It is therefore often decorated in its middle part with anthropomorphic or zoomorphic figures in relation to the founding myths and beliefs of the ethnic group. A monoxyle sculpture whose anthropomorphic foot resting on a cylindrical base depicts a young woman, mythical ancestor, with arms bent parallel to the bust, pupils encrusted with hollowed beads, the upper lip as if distended by a labret. She wears a finely engraved copper torque. The seat is highlighted on its outline by a double frieze of diamonds carved into the wood and its surface encrusted with brass shards forming harmonious decorative motifs. In the southern region of Tanzania's coastline, around Dar-es-Salam, a relatively homogeneous group produced most of the artistic productions. Luo, Kuria, Haya and Ziba, Kéréwe, Karagwé, Sukuma and Nyamézi are established in central west and central Tanzania. Along the shores of Lakes Tanganyika and Nyasa, and Lake Nyassa, the Ha, Jiji, Bendé, Tongwé, Holoholo, Fipa, Manbbe, Kondé, Kisi and Ngoni have produced figurative statues, terracotta sculptures and inserted tooth masks. Smooth, golden brown and black skate. Desication cracks.  

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Originex-collection anglaise
Material(s)wood, metal
Height cm40
Width20 cm
Weight2.00 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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