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Sceptre Luba (N° 17432)

Among the emblems of prestige this type of scepter of luba dignitary. He was grounded at inauguration ceremonies and other important rituals. True sources of information about their owners and local history, the sceptres have a varied iconography. The wide part at the top, the dibulu, under the sculpted female figure referring to royalty, represents the administrative centre of each royal capital and bears motifs engraved with parallel lines forming diamonds. These drawings can be found on the mnemonic boards lukasa referring to Luba's political and spiritual history. The cane is divided into several sections engraved with geometric patterns meant to evoke the uninhabited savannahs and roads leading to the kingdom or the chiefdom. Incarnate deceased parents bakishi or spirits bavidye , Mvidie intermediaries between God and men, the figures of women with hands on the shoulders of keloid scars in relief on the specific body of the Kongo clans. The latter make it capable of capturing the energies of which those of the deceased kings as dictated by the use. The woman elected then took the title of Mwadi and came to take up her duties within the royal residence. Becoming the king himself, she could not marry. The Mwadi institution ended in 1970. Attitude means that the holding of the secrets of royalty, 'bizila', is the prerogative of women.
Satin BlackPatine.  

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Originex-collection française.
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