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Primitive Mint Mumuye, Chamba (N° 17187)

Tribal art collection for sale by Jan Putteneers.
The tribal coins made of black iron in African art.
This primitive African coin is made up of two ringed iron rods forming a string-like arc. The arc extends from serpentiform elements with a soaring end. This item had currency value during the pre-colonial period in Nigeria. ( " The Perfect Form R. Ballarini, p.154)
Patina visibly old, light brown speckled with ochre.
From all times, people have used barter to exchange goods. Then came the first system of real currency, the small shells-porcelain called cauris. The African continent is particularly rich in so-called 'primitive' currencies. These valuable coins are made of black iron, a particularly sought-after metal, others are made of copper, more valuable than gold, brought by the Portuguese to pay slaves, others made of glass beads. The exchange coins were raffia coins, salt bars, kola nuts, woven cotton coins.

All currencies, some of which reproduced tools used in everyday life, or weapons, were used to finalize transactions between individuals or tribes.
They could also be used for individual purposes, to buy livestock, consumer goods or to be used as a dowry for a wedding. These coins were sometimes worn in ornaments and passed down in lineage.  

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OriginCollection Jan Putteneers
Material(s)fer noir
Weight2.03 Kg
Estimated datingn/a
Socle includedYes

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African art - Primitive Mint Mumuye, Chamba
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