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Atumpan drum Ghana (N° 21407)

African musical instruments. Throughout the African continent, these drums accompany various ceremonies with their rhythm. The animal skin is stretched over the sounding board with a fiber rope attached to large wooden posts. This Ashanti tam-tam, with its hollow cylindrical shaft, has a dull, ochre-yellow patina from use. Desiccation cracks.
The Ashanti form one of the ethnic groups of Ghana (formerly the "Gold Coast"), of the Akans group, inhabiting a region covered by forests. Like other populations living in the central and southern part of Ghana, they speak a language of the Twi group.
Ref: "Royal Museum for Central Africa, Musical Instruments" J. Gansemans.  

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OriginEx. collection belge J.P. L.
Material(s)wood, peau, plant fibre
Weight6.75 Kg
Estimated datingmid xxe

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