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Lamellophone figurative Zande (N° 18616)

Alted in Central Africa, this musical instrument or sanza consists of a sounding board here taking on the appearance of the bust of a male figure. Parallel blades have been attached to it. The thumbs of both hands will lean on the soundboard to vibrate the anterior ends of the tabs. The sculptor's creativity, coupled with a great aesthetic sense, is manifested by the reminder of the vertical arrangement of the tabs in the digitized fingers and feet, which punctuates his work. Red-brown oiled patina with kaolin highlights. Formerly referred to as the name Niam-Niam because they are considered anthropophages, the tribes grouped under the name Zande, Azandé, settled from Chad on the border of R.D.C.(Zaire), Sudan and the Central African Republic. According to their beliefs, man is endowed with two souls, one of whom turns into a totem animal of the clan to which he belongs. The African tribal art of the Zande, or those who own a lot of land, apart from their court art consisting of spoons, receptable pipes and harps, counts two types of statues: The Kudu statues of a height of between 30 and 50 cm represent ancestors. There are also statues called Yanda of 10 to 20 cm, of animal or human form, having an apotropaic role that were exhibited during divinatory rites during the rituals of the society Mani-Yanda . The leaders of this association gathered a dozen statues on an altar in a hut in the forest. However, their masks remain rare.  

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African art - Lamellophone figurative Zande
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