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Hunting trump Mangbetu/ Nzakara anthropomorphic (N° 16989)

Ex-collection Belgian tribal art.
Mangbetu's African art offers a wide variety of everyday objects, instruments and adornments. However, many of the objects attributed to them are from the Nzakara whose prestigious sculptures are stylistically comparable.
Among the aerophones, originally carved from antelope horns or in the ivory of elephant trunks, this type of lateral-mouthed tube was used to produce coded sounds for the purpose of communication within the group, in a context of hunting, rituals around hunting, or to make music supposed to please ancestral spirits during funeral ceremonies. The object refers to the ancestors by its iconography, identifiable by the headdress of the character, the aesthetic canon of the mangbetu aristocracy. From an early age, children's skulls were compressed with raffia cords that deformed their skulls, and a high, flared headdress further accentuated the importance. The body of the ancestor effigy is drawn in relief on the trunk, with an accentuation of the sexual organs.
Reased restorations (reglued crack)Patine variable mahogany brown.  

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Originex-collection belge
Countryrdc ex zaire
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African art - Hunting trump Mangbetu/ Nzakara anthropomorphic
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