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Collection Anquetil, author of the book "Les Mains du Monde" published by Solar and "l'Afrique Noire" published by ed. Drawing and Tolra. , theater man who became master weaver initiated among the Dogon, president of the French Métiers d'Art. Togolese version of the Ibejdi of the Yorubas, these figurines of twins have a velvety yellow ocher patina.

The Ewe, often confused with the Minas, are Togo's largest ethnic group. They are also found as minorities in Ghana, Benin, Côte d'Ivoire and Nigeria. The Ewe regard the birth of twins called Venavi (or Venovi) as a happy omen. The latter must be treated identically and fairly. For example, both will be fed and washed at the same time and will wear the same clothes until puberty.
If one of the two twins dies, the parents obtain a statuette intended to replace the deceased child and contact a witch doctor to activate its magical virtues. She will be of the same sex as the child she represents and replaces but projects herself into the future that the child will not have known by displaying adult features.
Source: "Isn't she a doll?" E.L Cameron

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OriginCollection française Anquetil
Height cm23
Width8 cm
Weight0.33 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1960

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