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Fertility doll Fanti Akuaba (N° 16903)

Fante's African art is illustrated by its fertility dolls worn by pregnant women, who should not lay eyes on a malformed being or object for fear of conceiving such a child. On the other hand, by looking at these dolls, expressions of idealized beauty, they are supposed to promote the beauty of their future children.
This statuette whose head is present on both sides of geometric engravings associated with the scarifications in use features a black patina with a satin speckled black patina. These dolls carved in the Fante, a population akan of the coastal regions of Ghana, former gold coast, form a different version from those of the Ashanti. However, their function is more or less similar. The head here adopts a rectangular shape. We find the ringed neck and tubular bust with reduced breasts, here devoid of arms, emerging from a flared base.  

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African art - Fertility doll Fanti Akuaba
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