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Dogon shutter door (N° 19648)

The closing systems of the Sudanese regions in African art.
The door, made of two panels held together by two horizontal slats, is equipped with a lock. Carefully carved, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic representations appeal to the rich Dogon cosmogony. The figures may symbolize previous generations, mythical ancestors, but the owners of the attic are also frequently depicted. Each of the figures at the top of the panel wears a Kanaga mask, displayed by the Dogon during mourning ceremonies. Small scenes at the bottom of the panel also depict daily life. According to Dogon cosmogony, the first primordial ancestors of the Dogon, called Nommo , were the bisexual water gods. They were created in the sky by the creator Amma and came down from heaven to earth in an ark. The Nommo founded the eight lineages of the Dogon and inculcated weaving, forging, and agriculture in their human descendants. The motifs on doors in Mali, apart from their decorative value, are intended to dissuade the intruder, whether human or animal, from entering. Locks and doors are carved from wood chosen according to the function of the building in which they will be used, as each plant is attributed particular virtues.  

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Originrécolté in-situ 1989
Weight2.95 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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