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Charm Ngbandi (N° 16908)

Among the many sculpted objects related to hunting and magic, this type of small stylized female statuette served as a charm for the high-ranking members belonging to the company Lombe.Belle glossy dark brown patina.
The Ngbaka form a homogeneous people from the north-west of the R.D.C., south of Ubangui. The Ngandi live to the east and the Ngombe to the south. The initiation of young people, "gaza" or "ganza" (which gives strength) to the Ngbaka and Ngbandi, presents many similarities, through endurance tests, songs and dances. The rites required the presence of sculptures of ancestors. Circumcision and excision were performed after a period of remoteness from the village. The closing ceremony was accompanied by musical instruments such as the linga drum and large slit drums.  

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Originex-collection italienne
Height cm21
Width5 cm
Weight0.10 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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