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Fetish Fon (N° 17813)

This sculpture depicting a man kneeling in front of a gourd is lined with ropes and textile ribbons, the eyes are encrusted with curedness like the hairstyle, all coated with sacrificial materials. The arms consist of sheep horns and chains symbolically bind the character's mouth. Crusty matte patina.
The multitude of fon gods (the vodun), similar to those of the Yoruba under different names, is represented by fetishes of all shapes and natures. Their sanctuaries can be found in Togo, Dahomey, and western Nigeria. Statuettes embodying the legba protectors of the home, are often attached to them. The faithful administer daily offerings and libations to them, supposed to activate their power. The Fon se are currently in a part of the republic of Benin which is called the realm of Dahomey. According to legend, a princess of Yoruba origin created this kingdom before the 17th century.
These ethnic groups have the same social structure: a leader-led society where the age of men determines their social position. In particular, voodoo or vodun , a religious cult whose name comes from a variant of the Yoruba word meaning 'god'.

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Originex-collection Mercier
Material(s)wood, metal, textile, plant fibre
Weight0.50 Kg
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