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Fetish Luba / Hemba Kakuji Kabedja (N° 15057)

The anthropomorphic figure of joined busts topped by four faces devoid of features is the powerful fetishes kabeja, also used in the Luba, and in the Kasongo living in contact with the Luba, Hemba and Songye populations, who call them kakuji. The top of the room is pierced with cavities in which a bijimba , a charge composed of magical elements from the natural, human and plant environment, were implanted. The figure has arms folded in front of the bust like the ancestor statues and offers, alternately applied, thick residual inlays of colored clays mixed with palm oil. Each of the clans had a kabeji sculpture for protection and healing. But this type of fetish could also be reserved for individual use.
The Hemba are a subgroup of the Luba ethnic group living in southeastern Dr. Congo, east of the Lualaba River, and are best known for their statuary singiti representing chiefs. Once under the rule of the Luba, these farmers and hunters worshipped ancestors through effigies long attributed to the Luba. Their company includes several independent family clans from the same ancestor. Clan leaders have sculptures confirming their rank and prestige, to which offerings and libations are dedicated.
Source: Art and life in Africa , C D. Roy. and "The other face" ed. Adam Biro.  

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African art - Fetish Luba / Hemba Kakuji Kabedja
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