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Holo Hamba fetish statuette (N° 16883)

The Holo used statuettes to guard against the influence of evil spirits, including the moon and rainbow. These statues were placed near the houses as protection against lightning. Bird figures are also used to protect against ndoki, or wizards, who would activate evil spirits.
In this case the owl embodies a nocturnal protective spirit. The figure Kaponya wa Pwo nyi cikungulu is lined with disparate elements, talismans in the form of ritually charged horn, barks, dried fruits, fagot of feathers. Pink and white ochre pigments were applied to the set. The end of a foot is gnawed.
Situated in The Democratic Congo between the Yaka and the Chukwe of Angola, the small Holo ethnic group migrated from the Angolan coast to settle near the banks of the Kwango River. Hunting and agriculture provide for their livelihoods. Neighbouring ethnic groups, such as the Suku and Yaka, influenced their traditional sculptures. The Holo have indeed produced masks and prestigious objects for the ruling elite. Ref. In: "Afrique" Coll. Sargos; "Chokwe and their Bantu Neighbours" M.L. Rodrigues de Areia (p.110).  

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Originex-collection Mercier
Material(s)wood, fruits séchés, plumes, corne animale
Weight1.95 Kg
Estimated dating1ère halfxx°

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