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Kongo Ntafu malwangu badge (N° 18084)

This unusual composition established on a femur fragment depicts a mythical animal or a canid carrying two human figures in a bust. It is an emblem of the initiation society nkimba of Kongo, symbolizing the gift of double view of the initiate following contact with spirits and ancestors. The whole thing could house a magical charge for therapeutic or protective purposes. Satin black brown patina. Height on a base: 41 cm.
The Vili, the Lâri, Sûndi, Woyo, Bembé, Bwende, Yombé and Kôngo formed the Kôngo group, led by King ntotela. Their kingdom reached its peak in the 16th century with the ivory, copper and slave trade. Similarly, beliefs and traditions, they produced a statuary with a codified gesture in relation to their worldview. Present along the Gabonese coast, the Vili broke away from the Kongo Kingdom in the 16th century and the Loango kingdom became a powerful state. Now urbanized for the most part, however, they still incorporate traditional associations, dependent on the cult of ancestors such as the Mbouiti or the Bieri.
Litt.: Insiders, Congo Basin Ed. Musée Dapper  

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Originex-collection allemande
Countryrdc ex zaire
Material(s)wood, verre, textile et peau
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African art - Kongo Ntafu malwangu badge
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