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Kongo Statue (N° 23121)

A figure of power, this tribal sculpture frozen in a defiant posture "maangaka" (hands on hips), has the particularities of Kongo fetishes, eyes encrusted with glass, gaping mouth, body dotted with metal spikes. Magical items were often introduced into an abdominal cavity. Semi-satin patina, indigenous restoration (metal staples).
The Vili , the Lâri, the Sûndi, the Woyo, the Bembe, the Bwende, the Yombé and the Kôngo constituted the Kôngo group, led by King ntotela . Their kingdom reached its peak in the 16th century with the trade in ivory, copper and the slave trade. With the same beliefs and traditions, they produced a statuary endowed with a codified gesture in relation to their vision of the world. "... long classified in the category of vengeful spirits... their function is much more ambivalent. It is when the nganga completes the work of the sculptor by driving the nails into the nkonde that the latter acquires its magical charge. His action is not of a secret nature, his mission is on the contrary public.Once the evils and their culprit have been determined, the nganga activates the force of the nkonde by planting a nail or an iron blade, witnesses of the request and especially of the he agreement concluded between the nganga and his client...often considered malicious, these statuettes have the essential role of restoring social harmony, disturbed by the harmful intentions of a third party." (source) "The ABCdaire of African Arts" published by Flammarion.  


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Originex-collection française
Countryrdc ex zaire
Material(s)wood, metal, cuir
Height cm66
Width23 cm
Weight4.53 Kg

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