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Fertility Fetish Yiteke Yaka/ Suku (N° 17063)

Belonging to a lineage, this figure of fertility came into play in case of trangression whose source was revered by a soothsayer named ngaanga ngoombu. It is also through divination that the rules to be followed to get rid of the curse were prescribed. The figure adopts not only yaka features, but also nearby suku who possess comparable fetishes. With the head engulfed in a wide neck, this effigy is depicted with arms plated with a bulging bust, with digitized hands placed on either side of the abdomen. The sexual organs are valued, the thick legs summarily represented. The satin patina, light brown ochre, has abraded areas, and dark remnants of a dotted coloration on the head. Like the songye fetishes, holes have been dug on the arms in order, probably, to move the fetish without having to touch it.
The Suku and Yaka ethnic groups, established in a region between the Kwango and Kwilu rivers in the southern Democratic Republic of Congo, have common origins and have similar social structures and cultural practices. The presence of holo and Kongo among them in some regions was also decisive in its influence on the artistic production of the Suku.
Ref.: "The Art of a Continent" ed. Mr. Prestel. (p.256); "Yaka" (5Continents).  

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OriginCollection belge
Countryrdc ex zaire
Height cm49
Width10 cm
Weight1.20 Kg
Estimated dating2ème halfxx°

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