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Dinka Beaded Neck Support (N° 17784)

Utility objects in African art.
Reposant on three feet lined with thin glass beads, this delicate African neck support symbolically evoking cattle has a horn-shaped oblong seat. An animal appearance is rendered thanks to an incised beak and a perforation showing the eye at each end. Aluminum highlights animate the oiled brown patina. This prestigious object was intended to preserve the complex headdress of its owner, also indicated its social status, but was also used as a stool. Some, with handles, accompanied individuals on their travels.
Dealy was collected about these nomadic inhabitants of southern Sudan. Some of these East African tribes have been virtually exterminated by the inter-tribal wars and the Islamic slave trade. Organized around livestock farming, these ethnic groups considered the possession of cows and herds, and therefore of milk and meat, as a mark of social prestige. " The Tribal Art of Black Africa J.B.BACQUART  

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Originex-collection art africain allemande
Material(s)wood, perles, metal
Weight0.45 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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African art - Dinka Beaded Neck Support
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