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Luba neck support (N° 16337)

The Luba are renowned for their statuary and in particular their neck-rests and stools made up of a cariatid figure. The symbolic figures adorning this neck support to preserve the complex headdress of its owner refer to the luba royalty, to its feminine and masculine part. But the neck supports were also used to support the heads of the deceased, and sometimes, according to Albert Maesen, buried in their place. The characters leaning on their hands, with a sophisticated hairstyle, and embodying spirits, are depicted pressing with their feet the knee of the one facing them. This attitude has symbolic value. Smooth patina dark brown mahogany. The Luba (Baluba in Chiluba) are a people of Central Africa. Their cradle is the Katanga, more precisely the region of the Lubu River, hence the name (Baluba, which means \  

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African art - Luba neck support
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