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Turkana neck support (N° 10211)

African art among Turkana
This is an East African population living mainly in northwestern Kenya in a hot, arid region west of Lake Turkana, but also in Ethiopia and to a lesser extent in South Sudan.

The East African neck-ends are famous and prized for their stripped-down or minimalist aesthetics. The clean lines allow you to appreciate the overall shape as well as the simple but remarkable details.
The piece consists of three parts: on the one hand, half a sphere constituting the base is equipped with nails to ensure stability. A simple vertical mount supports the circular seat. The latter is dug with two concavities on the outline.
The patina is reddish.

Emile's grandfather, Abel Robyn, debuted the collection in 1850.
It was passed down over three generations. When Abel died in 1895, his son, Jerome Robyn, inherited the collection, which he extended until his death in 1968. Emile Robyn inherited his father and completed this magnificent collection through his purchases, which were made only from renowned gallery owners, auction rooms or renowned collectors.
Numbers of the pieces in this collection were presented at events such as \  

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OriginEx collection belge
Material(s)wood, corde
Weight0.38 Kg
Estimated dating1ère halfxxème century

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