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African art - Ivory:

Ivory objects are found throughout the African continent. However, tribal ivory is available in a variety of everyday objects, from mask to spoon, to fetish, mainly in Congo among Lega, but also in Benin, to a lesser extent in Côte d'Ivoire.

Statuette Beembe, Bembe, en ivoire
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African art > African Statues > Bembé Fetish

Rare ivory sculpture depicting a male ancestor Bembé,Béembé, this figurine has, engraved on the bust, body marks associated with scarifications, witnesses of the social and initiation evolution of the individual, specific to cultures Kongo. Almond eyes were originally to be encrusted with mother-of-pearl, bone or earthenware. The attitude, seated in a suit, is the attitude adopted by dignitaries during interviews. The character holds a fly-hunt, badge of authority. The attention to detail and symmetry characterizes this refined work. Golden surface by oil anointings mixed with red ochre pigments.Ex. Mercier collection. A piece that predates the ivory regulations.
Established on the plateaus of the People's Republic of Congo ex. Brazzaville, the small group of Babembé (pl.) was ...

Lega introductory statuette
African art > African Statues > League figurines

Made of los or ivory or carved in wood, and deciphered by the initiated only through the context of their ritual use, the masks and statuettes of the Lega most often referred to proverbs and sayings: Small anthropomorphic figure female, with a hease volume, it is built on circular, crenellated legs, and has reduced arms whose structure echoes the lower limbs. The traditional scarifications rendered by the punctiform details, the neck seeming encased with a large crafted torque, the exorbitant appearance, and the golden yellow patina that oil anointings and use have helped to lacquer and luster, contribute to make this coin an object of exception prior to the regulations on the ivory trade. It was collected in 1948 by an ivory dealer and then acquired by Prof. Jan Putteneers and presented ...

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Kongo Yombé Mvwala Ivory Cane Summit
African art > African Statues > Ivory Kongo

Statues and power objects in African art Kongo
This African ivory sculpture produced by the Yombé, from the Kongo kingdom, depicts a diginitary revealing its traditionally lemoned teeth by chewing a sacred plant with virtues hallucinogens, the munkwisa , which would symbolize the power of the leader and his ability to communicate with the founding ancestors. It also has a cure horn. Ivory skated. This statuette, the top of a fly-hunting or cane mvwala of Kongo incorporated the regal, prestigious objects of the chiefs, and ensured the legitimacy of its holder by its codified ornamentation. Acquired by Guy Mercier, consultant for the Solvay Group, which began collecting a vast collection of African tribal art at the beginning of the 20th century. While radiating in West and Central ...

Baoulé King Ivory statue
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African art > Ivory > Baoulé King Ivory statue

The fetishes Blolo Bian and Blolo Bla, man of beyond and woman of beyond. These fetishes are representations d' an ancestor or d' a husband of materialized beyond by a figurine corresponding to the phantasm or the dream of l' husband or of terrestrial wife.

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