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Kuduo Akan ceremonial pot from Ghana (N° 17463)

The Ashanti, Asante , mastered the art of lost wax cast iron, copper metal being sacred and considered inferior to gold, in order to produce ritual and prestige objects, such as the Kuduo brass which were intended, in addition to the storage of gold powder, for domestic and royal cults. Sacrifices and offerings were sometimes attributed to them. The stage on the lid of this kuduo evokes life at the court, musicians surround the king sheltered under the royal parasol kyiné, the latter being associated with the protective tree gyedua . The chief was accompanied by this umbrella in all his travels. The decorative motifs around the perimeter, however, are derived from Islamic traditions. Golden patina with grey-green inlays.

Ashanti are one of Ghana's ethnic groups (formerly Côte de l'Or), from the Akans group, living in a forested area. Like other people living in the central and southern part of Ghana, she speaks a language of the group Twi . This people regard women as the final arbiter of all decisions. Fertility and children are the most common themes depicted in Ashanti wood carvings.  

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OriginCollection belge Lenoir
Material(s)copper / brass
Weight1.47 Kg
Estimated dating1ère halfxx°

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African art - Kuduo Akan ceremonial pot from Ghana
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