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Tabwa cup (N° 20675)

Ex-collection of Belgian African art.
Prestigious object used in ritual ceremonies, this cup has a foot featuring a finely detailed female bust, and balanced proportions. The long braid of the character forms the handle of the vase (indigenous restoration at this place) Missing on one ear.
Related to the Luba, the Tabwa and the populations that surround them generally depict the body in its entirety. The incised motifs of the Tabwa are not simple decorations but coded messages referring to beliefs and origins.
Heterogeneous patina in the browns. Abraded areas. The Tabwa are an ethnic group present in the southeast of the DRC. Simple farmers with no centralized power, they federated around tribal chiefs after having been influenced by the Luba. It is mainly during this period that their artistic movement was expressed through statues and masks. The Tabwa practiced ancestor worship and dedicated some of their statues to them. Animists, their beliefs are anchored around the ngulu, spirits of nature present in plants and rocks.  

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Origincollection belge
Countryrdc ex zaire
Height cm17
Width10 cm
Weight0.24 Kg

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