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Yoruba Zoomorphic Offering Cup (N° 16336)

Votive offering cups for the god of divination Orunmila usually contained kola nuts or other special presents. It comes in the form of a gallinace, a sacrificial victim of use for the gods, also symbolizing the occult universe, divination. The Yoruba also visualize the world in the form of a gourd whose upper, masculine part would form the sky, and the lower part, feminine, the earth. The matte polychromy that emphasizes its geometric patterns is divided between browns, burgundy and beige kaolin. The Yoruba society is very organized and has several associations whose roles vary. While men's society egbe reinforces social norms, the aro unites farmers. The gelede has more esoteric and religious aims. The notables come together in a society called esusu. Offering cups, some of which were used to preserve kola nuts or others present for visitors, were once placed in the royal palaces of the Ekiti and Igbomina regions of Yoruba country.The kingdoms of Oyo and Ijebu were born as a result of the disappearance of the Ifé civilization and are still the basis of the yoruba political structure. The Oyo created two cults centered on the societies Egungun and Sango, still active, who worship their gods, the Orisa , through ceremonies using masks, statuettes, sceptres and divination supports.

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African art - Yoruba Zoomorphic Offering Cup
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