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African art - Lock:

The locks, whether Dogon or Bambara, are made of wood and represent figures from the cosmogony of the ethnic group. They consist of two pieces of wood, one vertical, fixed on the door, while the other, horizontal, is sliding.

Dogon lock with animal motif
African art > Dogon locks, Bambara locks > Dogon Lock

An unusual pattern for this dogon lock whose central body takes the shape of a fish.
The locks are built on the same principle: a vertical fixed part, and a horizontal slide. The surface of the piece is engraved with a fine grid, disappearing in places.
s dark abraded. The locks, are reinforced by a protection system closely linked to their own symbolism.
The representations found on these locks establish the owner's membership in a clan and show his social position. All the locks had a name in relation to the message it conveyed, a person or story telling the life or an episode of the owner's life.
The patterns are inspired by dogon cosmogony. Here we find a large representation of stylized reptile. Geometric shapes are also present. The intact and ...

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