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Bamana hyena face mask (N° 21124)

African animal mask associated with the secrets of the bush. Lustrous patina of use, abraded on the corners. Cracks of desiccation.
Established in central and southern Mali, in a savannah zone, the Bambara, "Bamana" or "unbelievers" as the Muslims have called them, belong to the large Mande group, along with the Soninke and the Malinke. Mostly farmers, but also breeders, they make up the largest ethnic group in Mali. Groups of Bambara artisans nyamakala , more specifically the blacksmiths named numu , are in charge of sculpting ritual objects, endowed with nyama , occult energy. Using fire and magical objects, the role of healer and diviner is also attributed to them Six male associations, the Dyow , using Bambara masks, structure the Bambara community: young people first enter the n'tomo circumcision society, then comes that of the komo ,the nama , the kono , the koré , and finally the Tyi Wara agrarian society . Litt. "Animal masks of black Africa" G. Massa and C. Dewé.  

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African art - Bamana hyena face mask
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