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Bete / Gouro facial mask (N° 20946)

A ridge divides vertically the immense forehead of the mask opposite. This is a striking feature of the statuary from the area between the Guro and the Bétés.  Lumpy clusters of kaolin represent the white hair of an elder, and tapestry nails highlight the upper half of the face. This mask, whose function remains poorly documented, would symbolize male strength, and perhaps also a powerful notable named "migone". Grainy patina, kaolin and red ochre highlights.
The Bété form a tribe established on the left bank of the Sassandra River in southwestern Côte d'Ivoire. Close to the Kouya and the Niabwa, the workmanship of their masks, as well as their function, include great similarities.

"Guro" ed. 5Continents.  

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Origincollection française
Countrycôte d'ivoire
Material(s)wood, metal, textile
Weight1.60 Kg
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African art - Bete / Gouro facial mask
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