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Boa Pongdudu Du Kpongadomba Mask (N° 16458)

Supposed to make invulnerable and in order to terrify the enemy, the African art mask kpongadomba bodes was commanded by the leader kumu who offered it to the most valiant warrior. He was then kept in his wife's box. With oversized ears, perforated as were once the eastern Boa ear pavilions, the " bavobongo ", and a mouth lined with teeth, it gave an impressive appearance to its wearer, accentuated by the contrast of colors. Close to the Mangbetu and Zande, the Boa live on the savannah in the north of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some Boa are said to have used these masks for educational purposes with children since the pacification of the Uele region.  

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African art - Boa Pongdudu Du Kpongadomba Mask
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