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Bulu monkey hem mask (N° 18397)

A mask of a male gorilla, it has a circular area at the top of the area where raffia and seeds of amb trapped in a clay cluster have been arranged. A basket repair was carried out on the reverse. Locally cracked polychrome crust pigments.

The Boulou, an ethnic group of the Fang, live in Cameroon, on the border of Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Congo, on a vast plateau within the equatorial forest near the Bakwele, whose customs and customs are comparable. Like the Fang of South Cameroon with white masks of justice, the Boulou also used the Ngil ritual to counter witchcraft and poisoning. The future initiates, following their integration into the secret society, identify with the Ngi , fierce iconic gorilla. The Ngil society, which carried out executions of sorcerers, was banned by the colonial administration. Not mandatory but reserved for some, the introduction to ngil was very expensive. It was only after they put on their masks and accessories that the initiates became 'children of the ngil'. The Boulou believe in the spirits of the ancestors, bekôn, whose skulls were preserved. They would be expected to visit them in their sleep in order to advise them.  

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OriginRécolté in situ 2004
Material(s)wood, verre, plant fibre
Height cm27
Depth24 cm
Width25 cm
Weight1.53 Kg
Estimated dating2ème halfxx°
Socle inclusOptional

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