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Chokwe Katoyo Mask (N° 13851)

Ex-French tribal art collection.
Mask of derision, this type of African mask, within the diversity of masks akishi (sing: mukishi , indicating the power) of African art Chokwe, caricatures a stranger with a face reddened by the sun, in guises fine and sharp, and sometimes grotesque and monstrous. His dancer, dressed in a full costume of plant fibres, appeared at the circumcision ceremonies of the mukanda, and humorously mimicned outrageous sexual behaviors. Alongside these masks, the powerful cihongo , recognizable by their large plateau-shaped headdress, are associated with the chiefdom. Women's masks pwo must bring fertility and prosperity to the community. This rectangular, flat mask has an unusual structure. It is also accompanied by a wig composed of a wicker frame and raffia cords solidly assembled. Sources: "Chokwe " B. Wastiau;  

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Originex-collection française
Material(s)wood, plant fibre
Weight0.45 Kg
Estimated dating1ère halfxx°

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African art - Chokwe Katoyo Mask
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