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Crest Ekoi/Ejagham Mask (N° 12480)

This type of African cephalomorphic mask, which would represent the trophy head of an enemy, is found among the Efik, Keaka, Banyang, Boki, Ibibio, etc. ...

Originally from Calabar, these African masks were originally produced by the Ekoi (Ejagham) and were transported throughout the Cross River region of southeastern Nigeria, and from the 17th century local people were influenced by Europe through the commercial transactions and the naturalism of their sculptures. The base of a cylindrical basketry base is a wooden head covered with animal skin, originally a human skull, and having a hairstyle in which human hair has been fixed with the aid of A vegetable glue, the open mouth is deeply hollow, which could allow the ritual insertion of magical substances.The whole was coated with oil, giving the object a lacquered appearance. aolin, stand out from the dark patina with carmine highlights. Leopard societies, such as the male Kpe society, Ngbe among the Aro, used this model of crest. These Cross River tribes once used human skin on their crest, which was later replaced by antelope skin. The hairstyle would represent that of young women at the end of their traditional seclusion during which the Nkim dance was taught to them. Other dance groups, such as Ikem, still wore these masks in the 2000s. (Nigerian Arts Revisited, N. Barley)  

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Originex-collection Calbanen
Material(s)wood, peau, cheveux
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African art - Crest Ekoi/Ejagham Mask
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