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Dan Maou Mask - African art

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Dan Maou Mask (N° 11950)

The chin of this feminine face of African art Dan blends into a long curved bird's beak.

Wrapped with two braided hulls, the face that borrows the features of the mask deanglé exalting beauty, hesitating between two natures, is transformed This kind of composition is recurrent in the African tribal statuary. The North Dan people of Yacouba of Ivory Coast and the Maou of Touba, after borrowing them from the neighboring Mande people, use them in ceremonies. secret male, including the Koma des Maou and the Poro des Dan society.This beak would evoke the turaco, king of the birds.Two-tone brown-beige patina.Red pigments inside the beak.Residus of white kaolin on the eyelids.The masks Dan, of varied bill, usually occur during very theatrical entertainment festivals where women play a leading role. "Mockingbird" called Déanglé defines an ideal of beauty and benevolence and is carved in honor of village girls or renowned men. Also used during circumcision rites, they appear in the company of gle sö masks and large masks go ge related to the company go, which exercises justice and maintains social stability.  


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Originex-collection Devrindt
Countrycôte d'ivoire
Weight1.10 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1970
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African art - Dan Maou Mask
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