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Dan Mask (N° 22677)

Embellished with a trim of bells, bagged talismans, thick braided headdress embroidered with cowries and mirrors, this impressive-looking African mask comes from the Dan Yacouba of the banks of the Cavally River, between Côte d'Ivoire and Liberia. Crusty patina.
The Dan populations of the north known as Yacouba of the Ivory Coast and the Maou of Touba (Maouka), and those of the northeast of Liberia, after having borrowed them from the neighboring Mandé people, use them in the secret masculine ceremonies of which the Koma of the Maou Guerze of Liberia call it Nyomu . When they are not accompanying a small orchestra at entertainment parties, the mask-singers perform at night, during traditional rites, in order to counteract evil spirits.


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Originex-collection française
Material(s)wood, metal, verre, caurirs, textile
Height cm38
Width25 cm
Weight1.40 Kg
Socle inclusOptional

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