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Dogon Satimbé Mask (N° 13613)

No sacrificial residues on this dogon African art mask, but an oiled surface on the statue and a polychromy on this African mask highlighting its structure. The masks satimbe have the peculiarity of being surmounted by a seated figure, in this case a figure representing Ya Sigine, a woman whose role is to be the counterweight of the male omnipotence in the social and political order within the Dogon society. This figure, Ya Sigine , would embody the mythical ancestor who allegedly stole the masks from supernatural beings, making captive an old Albarga initiated to the secrets of masks. The woman introduced to the Ya Sigine has since been the only woman who can participate in dogon rituals and enjoy a masked funeral. In the ladle at its disposal would be contained the powerful nyama . Ya Sigine is consistently depicted on the masks satimbe which she overcomes: the gaze is stretched towards the horizon, the chest is straight, but above all the arms are disproportionately long. The arms here are mobile and surrounded by leather straps.
The Dogons are a people renowned for their cosmogony, esotericism, myths and legends. Their population is estimated at about 300,000 souls living southwest of the Niger Loop in the Mopti region of Mali (Bandiagara, Koro, Banka), near Douentza and part of northern Burkina (northwest of Ouahigouya). Villages are often perched atop the scree at the edge of the hills, according to a unique architecture. The history of migration and the facilities of the Dogon (about ten main groups, fifteen different languages), relates to several hypotheses. According to some historians, the Dogons fled from an area west of their present location as a result of an assault.  

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Originex-collection française
Material(s)wood , cuir
Weight3.20 Kg
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African art - Dogon Satimbé Mask
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