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Fang Hybrid Mask of So'o (N° 13692)

It was during the initiation of the young men at the Fang and Ntumu of southern Cameroon, during the ceremonies of the so or red antelope, that this anthropomorphous African mask with horns was exhibited. The gaze formed of two thin horizontal slits sheltered under the frontal space colored with red, the grimace of the mouth revealing incisions representing the teeth, the contrast of colors, livid and sanguine, were not lacking, during the nocturnal appearances of the mask Fang to provoke some emotion among the initiates. Cracking of the wood on the jugal area. The Fang, formerly named Pahouins, are divided into several sub-groups in three countries, Cameroon, Gabon, and the mainland of Equatorial Guinea. Mainly hunters, they also practice agriculture. Their social cohesion rests on the Ngil and So societies. The ngil was a rite of the purifying fire symbolized by the gorilla. The bearers of these masks, always in great numbers, appeared at night, lit by torches. Their intervention was also linked to the judicial function by designating the culprits of bad actions within the village.  

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African art - Fang Hybrid Mask of Soo
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