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Fang Ngil Mask (N° 12371)

This ancient African mask was acquired from the Kunst aus Afrika gallery in Germany by a French African art collector. The use of contrasting white patina, of which there are still some traces, and well-preserved light red, distinguishes it from the usually monochrome examples. The criteria that are the high eyebrows in the heart, incisions for the look, small mouth pout in a prognathic chin, allow to classify it as belonging to the African masks of Ngil. An indigenous repair was carried out at the top using a wicker strap. The surface is particularly eroded and testifies to the use that has been made of it. The Fang masks of the associations of So (red antelope) and Ngil (gorilla) providing a judicial function, highlighted by the severity of the protruding eyebrows and the tiny incisions in place of the eyes, were worn with a costume of plant fibres, accompanied by a paraphernalia of glass beads, animal teeth, horns filled with therapeutic ingredients, bells and weapons. They demonstrated the authority of the notables in charge of the designation of those responsible for crimes, including sorcerers, and the sacrifices were probably associated with them.  

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OriginAcquit auprès de la galerie " Kunst Aus Afrika"
Height cm42
Width24 cm
Weight0.80 Kg
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